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Does anybody else agree that the fact Ali appeared to all the girls counteracts Aria is A theories?

What are Shana, Mona, Wren and Melissa up to?


I’m trying to work out the connections between various secondary characters on the show at the moment.

I’ve drawn a diagram [updated]:


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I am Lucy Hale

I am Lucy Hale

At the time of this revelation, I didn’t think much of it. I never thought that Mona pushed Ian off the bell tower. But after the Ezra revelation and the fact that he obviously has a different lair and a different purpose than Mona, I paid close attention to what she’s really saying in 4.01. She’s not just admitting to what she didn’t do, but she’s admitting that she doesn’t know who did it. It wasn’t her. It wasn’t one of her minions. She didn’t give anybody orders to push Ian off that bell tower and yet, there is someone in a black hoodie doing just that. This opens up a window of possibilities. This can’t be the only time an alternate team of alternate people did things that the girls thought was Mona. Aside from what she’s confirmed, could it be that almost everything the girls went through in S1 and S2 was done by Mona or the other team?

It might explain why there are so many clues that don’t lead you to her.

A has something to do with the police???


Another thing that caught my eye was that I recognized A’s handwriting on that police board that Hanna saw. Just look at that:

The capital “T” in KingsTon and below Jenna’s picture “seen aT”…you know what that reminds me of?

I just that that I saw that…now it’s gonna haunt me :D :D :D


Remember how Wren drew the Red Coat with 2 children?
Melissa was pregnant twice.
-Summer of Ali’s death
-Spencer’s junior year

She also is the leader of Jenna and Shana. Maybe they’re all helping Alison in a twisted way. Longer theory coming soon.


 what if N.A.T. members are getting killed because they caught Ali’s attempted murder on film? like N.A.T. DID stand for “we see all.” and one of them has the tape?